December 7, 2017

The LEGO Group wins case against manufacturers of BELA products in China

The LEGO Group has received a favorable decision from China Shantou Intermediate People’s Court in September holding that certain BELA products infringed upon the copyrights of the LEGO Group and that manufacturing and selling of those products constituted acts of unfair competition. It is the first time the LEGO Group has filed and won an anti-unfair competition case against imitators in China.
The case was filed against two Chinese companies, which had been manufacturing and selling products that were almost identical to LEGO® products. The decisions come into effect in November 2017.
The court decided that the two Chinese companies must stop copying the packaging and logos of LEGO products in the future, as this constitutes copyright infringement. The court also decided that the LEGO Group enjoys protection under Chinese anti-unfair competition laws for the distinctive and unique appearance of certain decorative aspects of its packaging across particular product lines (in this case, LEGO Friends), which serves the purpose of making consumers immediately recognize and associate the products with the LEGO Group.
Peter Thorslund Kjær, Vice President, Legal Affairs in the LEGO Group, said: “We are pleased with the ruling by Shantou Intermediate People’s Court, which we see as a strong indication of the continued focus on proper intellectual property protection and enforcement by the Chinese courts and responsible authorities. We think this is very important for the continued development of a favorable business environment for all companies operating in the Chinese market.”
“We will continue our efforts to ensure that parents and children are able to make informed choices when they are buying toy products, and that they are not misled by attempts by irresponsible companies to make toy products appear as something that they are not.”
The LEGO Group takes the protection of its intellectual property very seriously and takes the necessary steps to ensure that its copyrights, trademarks, patents or intellectual properties are not being violated.
Press release via LEGO Newsroom

December 1, 2017

2017 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41326 *Reveal*

2017 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41326 *Reveal*

Day 1:
Stephanie wearing a classic Nordic sweater is checking her list ... and checking it twice!
This is the same sweater Mia is wearing at the Hot Chocolate Van, 
so let's hope Steph doesn't need a pick-me-up today!
She came with an extra red party hat that we might see later in the countdown to Christmas!
Day 2:
Snowmobile!  This makes it easier for Stephanie to round-up her party animals!
Day 3:
Bunny slope for baby bunny Chili and her snow saucer!
Day 4:

Holiday hutch for her baby Bunny Chili and a carrot for munching.
Day 5:
Toffee the Pug!
Day 6:
Practice slope and a bright yellowish green snowboard!
Mia taught Toffee surfboard tricks in set 41306,
so now's a chance try out snowboarding!
Day 7:
Dog house just right for a Pug!  An extra bone was in the calendar door,
which Toffee needed after snowboarding yesterday!
Day 8:
A Sled for Stephanie to pull behind her Snowmobile!
Who will get the first ride?
Day 9:
Violet perched outside her cage decorated for the Holidays.
Day 10:
A stage perch with microphone for Violet to sing for
all her animal friends during the Holiday Party!
Day 11:

Holiday food table with a tart and layer cake. 
No doubt Stephanie baked these as evident with
her signature "Star" symbol on top!
Day 12:


November 21, 2017

2018 January LEGO Friends sets

It's time to get excited about the next wave!
2018 January LEGO Friends sets:

 LEGO Friends 41327 Mia’s Bedroom
 LEGO Friends 41328 Stephanie’s Bedroom
LEGO Friends 41329 Olivia’s Deluxe Bedroom
 LEGO Friends 41330 Stephanie’s Soccer Practice
 LEGO Friends 41332 Emma’s Art Stand
 LEGO Friends 41333 Olivia’s Mission Vehicle
 LEGO Friends 41334 Andrea’s Park Performance
 LEGO Friends 41335 Mia’s Tree House
 LEGO Friends 41336 Emma’s Art Café
 LEGO Friends 41338 Stephanie’s Sports Arena
 LEGO Friends 41339 Mia’s Camper Van
LEGO Friends 41340 Friendship House

See all the Mini-dolls close up!


Message from the LEGO Friends Design Team regarding the 2018 changes

November 1, 2017

Brick-built Storage Building Challenge

It could be a storage box, a keepsake box, a gift box, or other brick-built container of sorts.

Entry Guidelines:
- Heartlake City colors & themed
- No restrictions on shape
- No limit on size/number of bricks
- Must be Authentic LEGO bricks, no LDD
- New build, never before posted online or at an event
- No limit on number of entries
- Mini-dolls optional
- Collage pics allowed: to show angles and functions
- Add entry image onto topic thread on Flickr and/or Forum

Deadline: November 29, 2017

Here is an example built by Suz, who thought this would be a fun challenge for FriendsBricks:

We are celebrating the decorative container sets we've seen from LEGO Friends.

Beginning in 2013 with the Pencil Holder:
Also, an in-store-built mini Jewelry Box:
Then 2014 brought a full-size Jewelry Box set:
2015 flew in with a Butterfly Organizer:
Greeting 2017 is our favorite Hedgehog:
Then just for "keeps sake" we got a Mini-box (an inspiration for this building challenge):

   These sets are a fun departure from the usual Heartlake City environment and can bring some colorful utility into our daily lives.  We can't wait to see what you build!
 See all the creations built for this challenge.